Them Season 2 Release Date (2023) Prime Video Renews Series with ‘The Scare’ Title

Them Season 2 Release Date – Them, the American horror drama series created by Little Marvin, captivated audiences with its first season that premiered on Amazon Prime in April 2021. The series follows the Emory family, a Black family who moves from North Carolina to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles during the 1950s, and the supernatural occurrences that follow.

With the first season’s success, fans are eagerly waiting for news of Them season 2 release date. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what we know so far about the upcoming season.

Them Season 2 Release Date

Amazon Prime has been officially announced a Release date for Them season 2 April 9 2024. However, there are rumors that the series will return for a second season in the near future. The first season left several unanswered questions, and the show’s creator, Little Marvin, has hinted at a continuation of the story.

Them premiered on Amazon Prime on April 9, 2021, and the first season consists of ten episodes. Lena Waithe, an Emmy-winning writer and producer, served as an executive producer for the series. The series received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its cinematography and performances, while others criticized its handling of sensitive topics such as racial trauma and violence.

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The series stars Deborah Ayorinde as Detective Dawn Reeve, the main character, along with Pam Grier as Athena, Dawn’s mother, Luke James as Edmund Gaines, Joshua J. Williams as Kelvin Reeve, Dawn’s son, Jeremy Bobb as Detective Ronald McKinney, Dawn’s partner, and Wayne Knight as Lieutenant Schiff, Dawn’s and McKinney’s supervisor at work. The cast also includes Carlito Olivero as Joaquin Diaz, a new detective, Charles Brice as Reggie Marks, a Los Angeles attorney, and Iman Shumpert as Corey, Dawn’s ex-boyfriend.

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Little Marvin has not provided specific details about the plot of Them season 2, but he has stated that the show will continue to explore the horror of American history. He has also hinted at the possibility of new characters and settings.

One of the unique aspects of Them is its use of supernatural occurrences as a plot element. The series blends horror with social commentary to examine the history of racial trauma in the United States. The LAPD plays a significant role in the series, with Detective Dawn Reeve and Detective Ronald McKinney investigating a string of violent incidents in their neighborhood. The series also features strong performances from the cast, including Deborah Ayorinde as Detective Dawn Reeve, who is haunted by her past, and Pam Grier as Athena, Dawn’s mother, who offers a supportive and grounded presence.

CreatorLittle Marvin
Executive ProducersLena Waithe, Little Marvin, Roy Lee, and Miri Yoon
Production CompanySony Pictures Television
DistributorAmazon Studios
Season 1 Release DateApril 9, 2021
Season 1 Episode Count10 episodes
Season 1 CastDeborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Melody Hurd, Ryan Kwanten
Season 1 PlotA Black family moves to an all-white neighborhood in 1950s Los Angeles, facing racism and supernatural terror
ReceptionMixed to positive reviews
AwardsNone as of April 2023

Will there be a season 2 to them?

There is no official announcement yet about the renewal of the hit series Them for a second season. Despite the success of the show’s first season, the decision to greenlight another installment ultimately depends on several factors, such as viewership ratings, critical reception, and production costs.

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The show’s creators must weigh the pros and cons of continuing the story versus ending it on a high note. Nevertheless, fans can rest assured that the show’s fate is in trustworthy hands, and any decision made will be based on careful consideration and expert analysis.

Where can I watch them season 2?

Them season 2 is exclusively available on the renowned streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. With its vast library of high-quality content, Amazon Prime Video has established itself as a trustworthy source for captivating television series.

To immerse yourself in this thrilling show, simply subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and gain access to the second season, where you can delve into the intricate plotlines, engaging characters, and visually stunning cinematography.

Is the show them a true story?

Them is a fictional series and not based on a true story. This distinction is crucial in understanding the creative narrative crafted by the talented team behind the production. While the show incorporates historical and social elements, it is an imaginative work that showcases the remarkable talents of its cast and crew.
With its thought-provoking themes, compelling character arcs, and immersive storytelling, “Them” is an exemplary display of the artistry that can be found in the world of television.
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