About Us

In 2023, a passionate ensemble of ten individuals embarked on a journey to create “BMCE”, a digital platform dedicated to delivering the most authentic and insightful movies, tv shows and celebrities related news stories. Our diverse team comprises a visionary web designer, a seasoned chief writer, a meticulous article curator, a duo of budding writers, a sharp-eyed data connoisseur, a pair of astute news interpreters, and two additional enthusiastic writers.

Our mission at BMCE is to serve as a beacon of truth in an ever-evolving world. We believe in the power of unbiased, factual reporting and strive to be the go-to source for readers seeking clarity amidst the noise. From politics and business to science and entertainment, we cover a spectrum of topics to keep our readers informed and engaged.

Meet the Team

  • Aria Turner: The creative genius behind our website’s aesthetics. Aria crafts the visual narrative, ensuring our readers enjoy a seamless and visually appealing experience.
  • Brandon Lee: Our chief writer, Brandon’s analytical pieces are a testament to his journalistic prowess. He is committed to presenting stories with depth and integrity.
  • Clara Morgan: Our content strategist, Clara ensures timely publication and amplifies our reach through strategic social media campaigns.
  • Dylan Smith: A recent journalism graduate, Dylan’s crisp news snippets are a reader favorite. His passion for storytelling is evident in every piece.
  • Eva Rodriguez: Our data wizard, Eva harnesses analytics to optimize our content strategy, ensuring we resonate with our target audience.
  • Fiona Chen: As our global news tracker, Fiona deciphers global events, providing our readers with concise summaries and deeper insights.
  • George Patel: A social media maven, George’s engaging posts foster a vibrant community of BMCE enthusiasts.
  • Hannah Kapoor: Our regional correspondent for West Bengal, Hannah’s pieces reflect her profound love and understanding of the region.
  • Ian Fernandez: A self-taught tech enthusiast, Ian breaks down complex tech jargon into relatable content for our readers.
  • Jasmine Ali: The latest addition to our team, Jasmine spearheads our email campaigns and digital marketing strategies, bringing fresh perspectives from her recent business studies.

Together, we are united in our commitment to elevate the news reading experience. Join us on this enlightening journey.